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September 28, 2012
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It has been recently published that people diagnosed with meningioma, a generally non-cancerous tumor, are more likely to report that they have received dental x rays in the past.....

Let's examine this...

  •  More research is needed to prove that these tumors are caused by dental x-rays
  • "Recall Bias" can be very unreliable
  • Some studies are from decades ago when old x-ray technology and slower speed film had been used
  • ADA still recommends dental x rays taken to properly diagnose and treat
  • ADA also has specific guidlines to ensure the radiation exposure is very low
  • Precautions with thyroid collars and abdominal shields are used
  • Many oral diseases can't be detected from physical examinations

The most valuable tool in detecting oral diseases and problems is with a Dental X-Ray!

Please speak with Dr. Le if you have any questions or concerns!!